Army arrests politicians, thugs linked with threat to journalist’s life in Ado LGA, Benue


The army has arrested some politicians and their thugs allegedly linked with violent conduct during the March 9 National Assembly elections in Benue State.

Those arrested include a House of Assembly candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), a former Sole Administrator of a local government in the State, a retired director in the civil service and some persons of shady character (all their names withheld) believed to be their thugs.

Sources said the suspects were arrested with riffles and already thumb-printed ballot papers at Ipole 2 polling unit, Ijigban, home base of the House of Representatives member-elect, Dr Francis Ottah Agbo.

Agbo won the election to represent Ado, Okpokwo, Ogbadibo Federal Constituency of Benue State.

There are speculations that the suspect might have had sinister motive of harming Agbo, a seasoned journalist-turned politician aka Ozigizaga 1, the Moving Train.

During the March 9 election, the suspects were alleged to have stormed Ipole 2 polling unit, shot into the air, snatched and burned ballot boxes.

Curiously, the suspects reportedly took to social media to blackmail the Rep-elect, claiming that the latter perpetrated the havoc.

But with their arrest, supporters of Ozigizaga say they are delighted that the honourable member-elect has been vindicated.

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