Aro communities converge on Abakaliki for insightful confab

For two days from March 14, Aros from the homestead and in the Diaspora are converging on Abakaliki, to jaw-jaw on matters of socio-political and cultural interests.

The 5th in the series since 1996, this year’s conference is anchored on the theme:

 “The Aro and the Development of South-Eastern Nigeria: Legacies, Pains and Prospects”. Similar conferences had previously held in Arochukwu, Aro Ndizuogu, Ajalli, and Aro Owerri.

The venue of this year’s conference is the International Conference Centre, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

The Secretary of the All Aro National Conference, Dr. Azubike Okoro (Ugwu Aro), announced in a statement that “the programme starts on Friday (March 13) with the arrival of the conference delegates and registration formalities.

“Later that evening, there will be social and cultural activities to welcome and entertain guests. Registration of participants will continue on Saturday (March 14) morning before the opening ceremony and recognition of delegates at about 10.00 am. The conference papers will be presented and discussed on Saturday and there will be a banquet at night.”

He continued that “the conference is aimed at documenting the social, political, economic and cultural contributions of Aro to the growth and development of South-Eastern Nigeria, while identifying the reciprocal gains in the light of our Diaspora experience.”

According to the programme, the lead paper will be presented by the Chairman of All Aro National Conference, a distinguished professor and scholar of Aro and Igbo history and culture, Professor Okoro Ijoma.

Other resource persons include President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa; Professor Paul Ugboaja; Prof Joseph Nwankwo; Prof. T. N Kanno; Mazi Emma Kanu Ivi;  Mazi George  Ezuma (President General of Nzuko Aro Worldwide); Dr Kanu Ohuche; All Aro USA; Dr. Orji Ogbonnaya Orji and Mazi Ohiaerinwa O. Okoro.

All Aro stakeholders and leaders of the various Aro communities are expected to be in attendance.  

Expected to showcase love and hospitality, a grand atmosphere to be created by the assemblage of great Aro minds from various settlements, the Aro throne, according to the conference organizers, shall be represented by Eze Aro and his cabinet, as well as other Ezes of various Aro communities, to add a touch of royalty to the forum.

According to Professor Okoro Ijoma, this year’s conference objective, which is a continuation of the primary objective of the previous editions, is targeted at sensitizing Aros and repositioning them for the challenges of the 21st century.

At each of the conferences, the challenges confronting the Arochukwu nation are discussed, and papers to be presented shall proffer solutions and stimulate cultural, historical and economic strategies for handling such challenges.

In essence, answers shall be sought to the question about how to make Aro people more relevant and functional in our society in the 21st century.

For all Aro people, the understanding of their historical antecedents, intellect and uniqueness are the ultimate survival skills in the 21st century.

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