Australia, New Zealand usher in 2018 with spectacular fireworks

Australia and New Zealand have ushered in 2018 with spectacular firework displays as New Year celebrations begin across the globe.

Revelers were treated to a fine display in Auckland on Sunday night into Monday morning before Australia saw in the New Year two hours later.

Some one million people gathered in Sydney for the capital’s firework display, with an estimated one billion thought to have watched it around the world.

In Japan crowds headed towards Tokyo to celebrate the start of 2018 by releasing hundreds of white balloons into the night sky.

People gathered at shrines to pray for peace as the country entered the Year of the Dog.

Elsewhere in Asia, light shows and firework displays ushered in the New Year in South Korea’s capital Seoul.

Half an hour later, North Korea dazzled with fireworks and a visual celebration of its missile programme in Pyongyang.

Meanwhile, there were colourful displays, music and festival vibes as people celebrated throughout neighbouring China.

With just hours left of 2017 for Europe, celebrations are gearing up across the continent.

Around 100,000 people have bought tickets to watch London’s fireworks display along the bank of the River Thames.

And despite winds of up to 80mph due to Storm Dylan, Hogmanay celebrations are still expected to go ahead in Edinburgh.


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