Court formally indicts Netanyahu on corruption charges

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was on Tuesday formally indicted in court on corruption charges after he withdrew his request for parliamentary immunity from prosecution. Netanyahu was in Washington for meetings with... Read more »

China builds coronavirus hospital in 4 days as death toll exceeds 100

A new hospital in China to combat the coronavirus is taking shape after just four days, as the fourth case of the virus was confirmed in Europe. The building in Wuhan, where the outbreak... Read more »

US House condemns travel ban targeting Nigeria, others

The United States House of Representatives has condemned the decision by President Donald Trump to extend his administration’s travel ban affecting Nigerians and citizens of some other countries. Trump signed the original travel... Read more »

Over 800 people infected with coronavirus in five countries, 26 dead

China broadened its unprecedented, open-ended lockdowns to encompass around 25 million people today to try to contain a deadly new virus that has sickened hundreds, though the measures’ potential for success is... Read more »

China locks down cities to stop corona virus spread

A viral illness in China that has sickened hundreds of people is not yet a global health emergency, the World Health Organization said today. WHO issued its evaluation after Chinese authorities moved... Read more »

Trump to block pregnant women from entering US to give birth

The U.S government may have concluded plans to block pregnant women in foreign countries from obtaining US tourist visas. The move is to stop, “birth tourism”, the term coined for persons who... Read more »

Trump may add Nigeria, six other nations to travel ban list

The Trump administration is planning to add seven countries – Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania – to its travel ban list, U.S media reports said on Tuesday. Some countries... Read more »

US threatens Britain, France, Germany over Iran

The US has threatened Britain, France and Germany, vowing to impose a 25 percent tariff on European automobile imports if they fail to formally accuse Iran of violating a 2015 nuclear deal, according to... Read more »

Britain summons Iranian ambassador over arrest of UK envoy

Following the arrest of its ambassador to Tehran, Britain has summoned the Iranian ambassador to the United Kingdom. The UK wants to pass its strong objections to the brief arrest of its envoy to... Read more »

Nations affected by Ukrainian plane crash consider legal action against Iran

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Vadym Prystaiko, says five countries whose nationals died in the downing tragedy in Iran would gather for a meeting on Thursday to discuss possible legal action against Iran. Prystaiko,... Read more »
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