Coups are the highest forms of 419 [1]

By Jimanze Ego-Alowes First of all, let us quickly get ex-dictator, ex-President, General Olusegun Obasanjo, retired, out of the way. We are only interested in the physics, not the physiognomy, of power,... Read more »

It is poor human capital, stupid

We don’t have much insight into the ways and means of Channels Television. But one thing can be surmised about her, even from a distance. It is that Channels’ human resources recruitment... Read more »

Health security takes centre stage

Health, naturally, is the basis for life and many regard it as the starting point to generate wealth. Humanity has been associated with health throughout the ages. When the Garden of Eden... Read more »

Are aristocrats made or born?

By Jimanze Ego-Alowes Whenever barbarians take over the realms, the first thing they do is abolish history as a subject of study. To them the past is haram. To them, they only... Read more »

Amotekun is a pain reliever

By Jimanze Ego-Alowes Alhaji Balarabe Musa is one of the grand old men of Nigerian politics. This is by virtue of his long running participation in Nigeria’s ill starred, ill distinguished, and... Read more »

Something may be rotten in the heart of the Nigerian public intellectual

By Jimanze Ego-Alowes If like some of us you have been watching the Nigeria scene, you may have been having fun popping into several oddities. Some are really harmless, if not humorous.... Read more »

Imo: Did history derail by accident?

By Jimanze Ego-Alowes Some clouds of unknowing have gathered over Imo State. Of course, the verdict of the last court of recourse, the Supreme Court, is clear. It is that Senator Hope... Read more »

Erudite banker, Mohammed Balarabe, bows out of Fidelity Bank board

By Isaac C. Okoro The curtain, on December 31, 2019, graciously drew on the banking career of Mohamed Balarabe, on attainment of the mandatory retirement age. His was an illustrious career spanning... Read more »

Why should Nigerian presidents not be jumping molues?

By Jimanze Ego-Alowes Too often Nigerians bother themselves with exotic and self-imposed ailments. One typical example is the beef over the luxury lifestyles of the nation’s pastors, or as some say ‘pastorpreneurs’.... Read more »

Insecurity: Encourage, not sack Service Chiefs

When the Liberian war was ebbing towards peaceful resolution,  many stories were  filtering out  about the gallant efforts of Nigeria soldiers,  and  interestingly some  of them are holding command positions in present day... Read more »
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