Gathering of the Eagles (3)

By Dave Iyam
We applaud every member of the alumni that contributed in diverse ways to what was, unquestioningly, a successful reunion. We recognize that some of us on whom the Alumni bestowed awards are merely lucky in the calculus of current life circumstances rather than more deserving than our peers. But I am sure that everyone that was honored is grateful to the Association for this infinite recognition.          
Many participants have already expressed their appreciation for the generosity of Chief Chikwe Udensi who was exceedingly generous in his donation of N1,000,000 to the Reunion event. Different people who were lucky enough to enjoy the exquisite feast he offered in his palatial accommodations have narrated their bellyful accounts, leaving little doubt that the intention was to simultaneously grind envy and hunger into those of us who were absent. We thank this great son of Aro, adulate his inestimable generosity, and offer our prayers for his continuing success.
We thank all the people who worked to assure the comfort of our members all through the event. People worked to keep the place clean, to run errands, to service our multiple needs, and to ensure our safety. 
Our greatest thanks goes to the leaders of Aro whose custodianship of the town and magnanimity of spirit made it possible for us to reenact our childhood.          
For the success of the Reunion, we thank the Homecoming/Galanite Subcommittee as well as people we will never know who aided their successful work. For everything else, we offer our collective thanks to God.
My thanks to all alumni who attended the Reunion and from whose postings on this platform I borrowed the comments I make here.
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