Sanwo-Olu gets an invite to a book party [1]


By Jimanze Ego-Alowes

The news report was unambiguous. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, despite all his powers and glories as executive governor of Lagos was petitioning for help: ”The Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has asked academics to develop research-based solutions to the challenges facing the state.”

That is to say, that the matter of how to fast-track or even resolve the Lagos developmental conundrum has gone beyond him, his powers and his grasp.

Yet, there is little to worry in this. Indeed, it is a matter of cheers that the governor is in it. This is because the real moral of Sanwo-Olu, a mighty Caesar, petitioning for help is nothing pejorative. Rather it serves him best. This is because, it is in the very nature of development and things that to succeed, every Caesar must come to understanding that there are sever limitations to power.

And this leadership power-limitations start with our desire to tame the fundamental, not peripheral, forces of nature. At this point of ”fundamentality” every king or Caesar is naked. The matter and insistently so, is that only brainpowers, not man or leadership-powers, can tackle and or deploy these fundamental forces as they confront man. It is worthy to note, that the nature of man as society, just like gravity etc., is one of those fundamental forces. These forces, we repeat, are beyond Caesar, whether in the guise of Sanwo-Olu, Buhari or who not. 

So the scandal is not that Sanwo-Olu has come to understanding of his specific and power-generic limitations. The scandal is that the majority of Nigerians don’t know the link between the wielders of state power and the solutions to a nation’s, or better humanity’s problem. Simply put, thrones and state houses are and do not constitute a faculty. And fundamental problems of man as a social being or a technological-self, can only be first conceived and resolved at the faculty, not state house, levels. Without the faculty guiding, the state house is just a state, a throne, of debauchery. Faculty is the direction, state house as Caesar, as governor, is the speed. The ancient lore is still true: Without direction, Caesar will race to hell and in haste. 

This is why we are worried that despite a long history, the apocrypha is still bandied around that a leader is the elixir. No leader is any such thing. And certainly, neither Sanwo-Olu nor any of his other state or national counterparts is or can be. This may sound counterintuitive, even counterfactual, but that we can assure is so only to they who have not given thought to the matter. Things are not all they seem.

To summarize, if development is to come to Lagos, if development is to happen in Nigeria, her leaders, her Caesars, must first come to knowledge that development amounts to little other than coming to knowledge that: ”Buddha in rags is superior to the Caesar in purples.” Mother A’Endu.

Immediately a leader, say a Sanwo-Olu, comes to this state of grace, then all other things developmental may follow for Lagos State. Before that nothing great may be conceived or be conceivable by the thrones or state houses. The point we repeat, is that a state house is not a thinking shop. A state house is more of a theatre, an enactor. Out there in the palatial state houses there is and can be neither room nor space for thinking. 

In all this, we are enthused to sight Sanwo-Olu take his first baby steps towards complete and full acknowledgement of this developmental order, of Buddha coming and ranking above Caesar. It is in due consideration thus that we find him worthy of an invite to a book party.

The details are as follows. Date: 27th September 2019. Venue: Page Bookstore, 82 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. Time: 4:00pm. Book Title: The University Media Complex: As Nigeria’s Foremost Amusement Chain. Author: Jimanze Ego-Alowes. The book party is being coordinated by the great twins of Nigerian culture, Jahman Anikulapo and Toyin Akinosho via the Committee for Relevant Art/CORA.

A précis of the book might help serve a good notice to all, including the governor. The book, already hailed as ”an original contribution to scholarship,” tackles one of those fundamental, not sentimental, problems of man as society. And development it is well to repeat can only happen post the resolution of fundamental questions. Not before it.

Finally, we think it important to remind His Excellency as follows: There will be no protocols for him. This is the faculty. If he attends it is on notice that the Buddha in rags is superior to the governors in honor. That is to say we did expect him to take a position that is due him, not too far behind his superiors, the emerging Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Of course all these words, Buddha, Bodhisattvas, are used figuratively, but the lessons and imports remain. This is all we have to say to Sanwo-Olu, and that is to the extent he truly wants Lagos developed. All else is in humor.

NB. Nwa-Chukwu does not mean son of God; Nwa-Chukwu means beloved of God (I): Continues next week. Shalom.

Seun Anikulapo-Kuti is getting hotter

There is no doubt that Seun Kuti is one of our hottest cultural assets. His emerging genius is a delight to witness. I came across this interview, curated by Luqman Sogo Feyisetan, and sought his permission to bring it to our readers. Enjoy.

Question: How did your recent tour go?

Ans: The tour was okay; it was awesome; we had a good time, did about twenty something shows. We equally did the promo for our new album. Most of the shows were our own night in Venice; we didn’t do much festival.

Question: The Afrobeat music is noted for the great infusion of strong African indigenous beat; what is your perception of the current trends among musicians who always like to make a copycat of the European form of music.

Ans: I think it doesn’t mean anything, you know music is very broad and it can be interpreted in many forms I don’t think  everybody has to do the type of things I do and I don’t have to do what other people do as well I had no feeling towards it. The only time I reacted  to it was when they try to attach the music, message and legacy of my father with these new consumerist, materialistic and individualist  form of music it demeans Fela legacy I don’t  really like that other than that  I have no issues with it.

Question: Now your band the Egypt 80s, how many albums have you release with them?

Ans: well we have four studio albums and also we some remix as well, the albums are ‘Many things'” From Africa with furies‘ “A long way to the beginning” and also The Black tithes” well all of them are quite successful.

Question: Seun the Afrobeat music you play cannot be removed from the politics of the environment it came out from ,what is your perception of governance and politics presently?

Ans: My perception about Nigerian society both business and political sphere it is basically anti-people you are never rewarded  for doing  society  good in Nigerian ,you are rewarded only if you service the elites.

Recently awards was confer  on people who fought for June 12 election I don’t know what that stand for but nobody award the people of Nigeria who die in their hundreds   and  thousands in that  struggle.

Question; What is your take on ex-Governor Ambode been the first government official to honour FELA 

Ans: Well whatever ex-governor Ambode did FELA deserves it even  more than that, everything  is okay for me it’s good, nothing  unsual, great artist  all over the  world enjoy great government provision.

Question: your comment on government attitude to the Arts

Ans : Our Government has always been open to arts that support them, people like Ebenezer Obey, Sunny Ade they have amazing careers for praise singing about the elites. So our politicians support artist that only criminalize and diminish our heritage as black people.

Question; Your message to your fans

Ans: simple, simple, for everybody is  to politicize yourself become a part of the solution, when you ask people what is your priority they will never say to make my country great.

Question : The believe in the African ways of life culture, customs and tradition which has been eroded

Ans: (cuts) every African gods are evil that is the elites belief but Jesus Christ and Mohammed have brought more poverty to African than any other religion. 

As soon as our people embrace the evil/spirit of Jesus poverty and homelessness set in or have your father been homeless before in the village?( To me). Politicize the people.

PIX: seun kuti.

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