A sip of hemlock by a rogue regime


By Linus Obogo 
I had feared then and sufficiently voiced my concern about then reckless and suicidal mission of a bunch of political reprobates who congregated on APC plank. The manner of their foray was reckless, adventurous and narcissistic. Almost four years down the line, there’s now a clear demonstration of a woozy gang or band on a codeine and tramadol diet, flushed down with hemlock, a poisoned chalice. They were not hopeful and so couldn’t inspire hope either. They have been a letdown and will ever be a letdown. They came like Nazareth and so did their fawners reckon them. Yet they evinced an archetypal character from Sodom and Gomorrah. In their Nazarethan pretense, they courted and bedded Delilah until their self-professed moral gloss took a vanishing flight. Having found themselves in the twilight and inescapably helmed in, a sip of hemlock is all that’s now good enough to crumble the empire they have failed woefully to preside over. That’s where we have found ourselves. Pull down the pillars and collapse the roof. 
In the last three weeks,  there’s been a knee-jerk approach to self-assertion, self-validation and self-perpetuation by a  rogue and blighted leadership bent on rerouting our sociopolitical trajectory. From a lying and shifty Vice president to an absent minded, nepotistic and ethnically bigoted President, they all seem to have drunk power to a point of stupor and inebriation. No doubt, what we currently have confronting us is “either we have the country or we sink it.”
Now, no one to occupy Nigeria for Nigerians as they did in the days of Jonathan. 
In their journey to this avoidable perdition, the rule books are inexorably being changed. 
But where are Falanas, the Soyinkas? No more gadflies. 
For nearly four years now, we have been tragically plagued by discrepancies, inequalities inconsistencies and inexactitude in the governance architecture of the country. Selective justice and near injustice in a regime whose 2-i-c lays a dubious professorial claim to law but is pathetically blind to an aberrant abuse of the finest ingredients of justice. A regime whose anti-corruption adviser wears a double face in the interpretation of law, Justice and equity. 
Nigeria is on a cliffhanger. The citizenry is on tenterhooks. Our elasticity is on test. How long we can endure this stretch, the days ahead will tell as we are progressively losing our common heritage, Nigeria to the goons and the dogs. How many voices are ready to join with Obasanjo’s to claw back our already broken country? Else, before long, we will kiss our wobbling democracy its final good night and sing Nigeria its nunc dimittis. We are on a slide to anarchy. Our judiciary is on a stranglehold. Our country has been kidnapped, held hostage by a coterie of vicious bandit to whom our stumbling absentee president is an inveterate pawn.

  • Obogo, Deputy Chief Press Secretary to Governor Ben Ayade, wrote from Calabar, Cross River State.

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